Organic Herbal Pet Shampoo


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We are one of the top-leading herbal pet shampoo suppliers in Hong Kong, supplying a wide range of pet shampoos and other pet-related products. Our Herbal Pet Shampoo is designed to help you clean your pet’s coat without drying out their skin. Made with organic herbal extracts and pure essential oils, it leaves your furry friend feeling refreshed while also giving them fantastic smelling hair.

With a rich blend of natural ingredients, Our Herbal Pet Shampoo is specially formulated for all types of pets. This Shampoo is mild enough for long-term use with a gentle, rich lather that cleans and conditions skin and coat. Our natural pet shampoo also has a fresh, herbal scent that stays on furs long after bath time!

Herbal Shampoo is always suggested as the best option for bathing pets. This delicate combination, made with only natural components, thoroughly cleans and nourishes the skin and coat in the most gentle way possible. The Sky Medical Mask is one of Hong Kong’s top makers and exporters of animal hair care products, specializing in high-quality herbal pet shampoos.

Our Herbal Shampoo is made with specifically selected components low in irritants, making it ideal for cleaning pets once or twice a week.

Benefits Of Herbal Pet Shampoo

No Itching and Irritation

Herbal shampoos are non-toxic, allergen-free, and hormone-free. These components prevent Irritation and itching. On the other hand, chemical-based shampoos clean the pet’s skin thoroughly and eliminate debris, but the harsh chemicals have serious adverse effects. The skin can become dry, flaky, and irritating.

Contributes to Skin Health

One of the most significant benefits of herbal pet shampoo is that it aids in the maintenance of healthy skin in pets. Herbal shampoos contain elements with softening, moisturizing, and therapeutic effects, and they also help in the moisturization and softening of the pet’s skin.

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects are also well-known in herbal shampoos. They aid in treating eczema and restoring the skin’s natural oils and pH balances.

No artificial colors or fragrances

Another advantage of herbal Shampoo is that it does not include synthetic perfumes or colors, which are detrimental to your pet’s coat.

Direction to bathe your pets

  • Coax or place your dog in the tub or wash station. Treats are a great way to get the process to a positive start!
  • Dilute the pet shampoo with water. Try adding some to a bowl full of water, or put the Shampoo in a water dispenser.
  • Wet your dog using warm water. Checking the temperature with your hand is just fine, Easton says.
  • Shampoo the dog twice. Use a loofah or sponge to help spread around the Shampoo. Be sure not to overlook places like the pads of the feet, armpits, and bellies.
  • Use conditioner. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse away.
  • Rinse well until there is no more product on the fur.

Why Our Herbal Pet Shampoo?

  • Handmade
  • Cruelty-free
  • Wholesome and herbal ingredients
  • Gentle formula
  • Non-irritating and itching