Herbal Bath Shampoo

Natural plant extracts Deeply clean and moisturizes skin, after washing, more refreshed and soft.

Great help for eczema skin.

Normal and sensitive skin can be applied.

Effectively prevents hair loss, and regenerates

Applicable:  For Eczema, Sensitive Skin, and Normal Skin

Ingredients:  Pure natural herbal extracts, chemical-free,  free of artificial colors and additives, Nontoxic , No SLS, LRS, PB


Looking for Herbal Bath & Hair Shampoo Suppliers? Come to Us

A reliable hair product is an asset for best hair care, be it associated with curing dandruff, itching on scalp, hair fall, hair damage, slow hair growth, or other such hair issues. In this situation, a quality herbal bath and hair shampoo always stands as an ultimate solution for all age individuals. We can make you a leading herbal bath and hair shampoo supplier in your town by providing a vast stock of all branded hair care products you might be looking for.

The Sky Medical Mask stands among the leading manufacturers and exporters of hair products, pet hair care products, and other helpful stuff in Hong Kong. Besides, our expanded business in China and other regions has built our identity as Hong Kong, herbal bath shampoo supplier.

At our platform, you can expect to discover a massive range of herbal shampoo suitable for all hair types, as all age groups can use herbal shampoo, which is beneficial for both thicker / healthier health, and is a unisex product. Our supplied herbal bath and hair shampoo products are widely used in; SPAs / Salons, hotels, and homes.

What Makes Our Hair Products a Worth Investing One? 

The quality of our manufactured hair care products makes us a reliable Hong Kong herbal bath shampoo supplier; what that special thing exists in them? It’s mainly the use of nourishing ingredients including; pure natural herbal extracts, no chemical, SLS, LRS, PB, artificial colors & additives, and it’s non-toxic, thus makes hair healthy and voluminous.

Besides, being a dedicated herbal bath and hair shampoo supplier, we ensure our hair care products;

  • Effectively prevents hair loss and regenerates
  • Highly suitable for Eczema patients, people with sensitive and normal skin
  • Promotes bounce, and growth in your locks
  • They are appropriate for all hair types like; thin hair or oil-prone hair

Other notable highlights of our supplied herbal bath & hair shampoo are;

  • Herbal
  • hydrating
  • eco-friendly
  • sulfate-free

The packaging and volume of hair care bottles can be customized according to your requirement. We also offer OEM/ODM printing options.  Though you’ll get many suppliers, you won’t get flexible services and perks from any other Hong Kong herbal bath & hair shampoo suppliers.