Herbal Body Bath And Hair Shampoo

Natural plant extracts Deeply clean and moisturizes skin, after washing, more refreshed and soft.

Great help for eczema skin.

Normal and sensitive skin can be applied.

Effectively prevents hair loss, and regenerates

Applicable:  For Eczema, Sensitive Skin, and Normal Skin

Ingredients:  Pure natural herbal extracts, chemical-free,  free of artificial colors and additives, Nontoxic , No SLS, LRS, PB


Hong Kong Herbal Bath & Hair Shampoo Supplier

Looking for a hong kong hair shampoo that prevents hair fall and grows healthy and thick hair in no time? We are the best and finest Herbal Bath & Hair Shampoo Supplier offering tried and tested solutions for hair loss and long healthy hair. 

The Sky Medical Mask is one of the major makers and exporters of hair products, pet hair care products, and other useful items in Hong Kong. In addition, our growing business in China and other places have solidified our position as a Hong Kong-based herbal bath shampoo provider.

What could be more refreshing than freshly washed hair? Our 100% natural herbal shampoos are formulated with components that freshen and stop hair fall. From root to tip, you’ll notice a change. With our exhilarating perfumes inspired by nature, you’ll have an experience unlike any other.

About Herbal Bath & Hair Shampoo

Herbal shampoos are recommended for coarse, frizzy, unruly, thin, and lifeless hair that has been subjected to chemicals that have weakened the hair’s roots. The herbal products are based on Ayurvedic principles. Those who use hair color, harsh gels, and other chemical-based hair styling products daily must repair their hair regularly to avoid damage.

It is critical to encourage the natural ability of hair development by replenishing follicles and increasing scalp health to repair your hair. The components in herbal shampoos are non-allergenic, and they can preserve the scalp without adding any chemical-based scent or aroma.


  • Natural ayurvedic components, natural oils, minerals, and herbal-derived compounds are used to make herbal shampoos for hair loss. By hydrating the follicles and roots of your hair, these substances work to enhance the moisture in your hair. 
  • Herbal shampoos for hair development strengthen hair follicles by providing vital oils and nutrients down to the root.
  •  Using herbal shampoos regularly can do wonders for your hair.
  • Our scalps must maintain a proper balance of oil and pH levels to have attractive, healthy, and strong hair. You can achieve the ideal oil balance by using herbal hair shampoos.

What makes our hair shampoo unique?

What makes us a trusted Hong Kong herbal bath & hair shampoo supplier is the supreme quality of our hair care products.

What is it about that makes them so unique? Our herbal shampoos mainly consist of nourishing nutrients such as pure natural herbal extracts, no chemical, SLS, LRS, PB, artificial colors & additives, and non-toxic, resulting in healthy and thick hair.

We also guarantee our hair care products because we are a devoted herbal bath and hair shampoo supplier

  • It prevents hair loss and regenerates hair effectively.
  • Eczema sufferers and those with sensitive or normal skin can benefit greatly from this product.
  • Encourages your hair to bounce and grow.
  • They are suitable for all hair types, even thin or oily hair.

Other prominent features of our herbal bath & hair shampoo include:

  • Ayurvedic components
  • Hydrating
  • eco-friendly
  • sulfate-free