FFp2 Face Mask, 1860 KN95 Facemask Supplier

Certificate : ASTM F2101  & ASTM F2299

These particular FFp2 and KN95 masks are silky smooth inside yet solid with a snug fit all the way around that is helped by the bendable nose strip. The ear loops are lightweight, soft, and don’t put pressure on the backs of the ears. They pass the light test and make blowing out a flame impossible.




Order From The Renowned 1860 KN95 Facemask Supplier

Couldn’t find a reliable and trusted face mask supplier in Hong Kong? Look no further as we are one of the leading 1860 KN95 facemask suppliers supplying high-quality breathable and FDA-approved facemasks for ultimate protection from airborne diseases.

Our FFP2 and 1860 KN95 face masks are expertly engineered for maximum protection; in fact, the FFP2 Foldable Particulate Respirator Face Mask is one of the most effective face masks now available in Hong Kong.

We focus on user comfort and happiness since we are a devoted and committed Hong Kong FFP2 face mask supplier. When exposed to the general public, the Filtering Face Piece (FFP) is a form of highly-rated face mask that protects the wearer from inhaling aerosol, droplets, and small particles suspended in the air. This Respirator face mask protects for twelve hours and is more durable than disposable face masks and cloth masks.

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Yes, we’re the leading manufacturers and exporters of standard respiratory surgical and disposable face masks in Hong Kong, owing a vast range of FFP2 and 1860 KN95 face masks.

Our manufactured FFP2 and 1860 KN95 face masks are proficiently designed for ultimate protection; in fact, FFP2 Foldable Particulate Respirator Face Mask is one of the highly efficient face masks in the Hong Kong market right now.

As you are a dedicated and committed Hong Kong FFP2 face mask supplier, we prioritize user’s comfort and satisfaction. The Filtering Face Piece (FFP) is a particular type of highly rated face mask that protects user against inhalation of aerosol, droplets, and fine particles in suspension in the air when expos4ed to the general public. This Respirator face mask is more durable than disposable face masks and protects for twelve hours.

Some incredible features of our ffp2 face mask wholesale includes;

  • Lowest Filtration Efficiency
  • The inner and external layer is made with polypropylene non-woven textures.
  • Verified by National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL). Guaranteed to the European Standard (EN 149)
  • The FFP2 sits firmly around your nose and mouth, considering most extreme insurance.
  • When combined with a Face Shield, it offers close to finishing insurance for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

What Can We Ensure About Our 1860 KN95 Face Masks? 

The race is not finished yet, and our struggle to prove mettle as the leading 1860 KN95 facemask supplier in Hong Kong is still going on to compete with leading manufacturers.  This medical care respirator is intended to assist with giving respiratory assurance to the wearer. It meets all CDC rules for Mycobacterium tuberculosis openness control.

This face mask is meant to reduce the risk of catching airborne particles, including those produced by electrocautery, laser medical procedure, and other fueled clinical instruments.  It is intended to be liquid impervious to sprinkle and scatter blood and other irresistible materials as a careful veil.