Hong Kong 3 Ply Disposable Non Woven Fabrice Medical Mask

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ( BFE ) (%)  > 98%

Particulate  Filtration Efficiency  (PFE) (%)  >98%

Delta P Differential pressure AP  ( mm H2O/cm ) <5mm H2O

Fluid resistance (mm Hg)    120mm Hg

Flammability   Class 1


Shop From Trusted Non Woven Fabric Medical Mask Wholesale Supplier

Are you tired of looking for a reliable and recognized 3 ply disposable surgical Mask exporter? We have got you covered as we are one of the well-known hong kong 3 ply disposable face mask suppliers providing a wide range of surgical masks from non-woven to 3 ply disposable masks with exceptional services. Our masks are disposable, breathable, lightweight, and provide high protection from airborne diseases. 

Our non-woven medical masks are in high demand because of the outbreak of COVID-19. They are used in various industries, including medical, agricultural, textile, etc., and are commonly used in hospitals since they’re sanitary and effective against germs.

What is 3-Ply & Why it’s Called a 3Ply Surgical Mask?

A 3-ply face mask is a rectangular shaped, disposable, and loose-fitting Mask made with an elastic band to loop behind ears to hold it in place. The metal strip at the top of the Mask is pinched to fit in Mask around your nose.

Thus, a properly worn 3-ply mask effectively blocks large particles and respiratory droplets from entering or exiting your mouth. Being a reliable 3 ply disposable surgical mask exporter, we ensure our quality of materials makes the 3-Layer Face Mask different and stands unique in the competition.

Our manufactured 3 ply surgical mask consists of three layers or 3-ply which work as follows:

  • The external layer repulses water, blood, and other body liquids
  • The center layer channels certain microbes
  • The internal layer assimilates dampness and sweat from breathed out air

What Includes Manufacturing of Non-Woven Fabric Masks?

Our non-woven sky medical mask wholesale is an asset for a retailer in the market as it’s manufactured using authentic polypropylene materials, ensuring durability and consistently good performance.

Lastly, our surgical masks are certified with CE, SGS, ISO certifications. Apart from being bacteria-resistant, they are also waterproof and available in numerous patterns, prints, dyes, and stripes. The fabrics are best for surgical masks, wet wipes, diapers, aprons, and other products.

How to wear a 3ply face mask correctly?

People must know which side of a disposable mask is the inside or outside to wear it. In most circumstances, the absorbent side of the mask should be near one’s mouth, while the colored side, which is fluid-resistant, should face the outside. 

A metal band is also common on disposable face masks, and the band should place on top of the mask since its malleability helps the wearer shape the mask to the wearer’s nose for a better fit.

Why should you wear a disposable face mask?


It protects you and others around you

The virus is contagious mainly through respiratory droplets created when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or speaks. Face masks can prevent these droplets from forming. Facemask prevents virus-carrying particles from departing an infected person and infecting someone else.

  • You are contagious 

Covid-19 patients were recommended to wear masks and protect those around them. When it took over the world, the virus found can be transmitted by persons who have not yet had symptoms (pre-symptomatic) and by people who have never developed symptoms (asymptomatic). It was recommended that everyone must wear a face mask in public.

  • Face masks are convenient 

We recommend maintaining a supply of disposable face masks in your car, pocketbook, office, and wherever else you could come in touch with others. A disposable mask is a handy backup if you forget your reusable mask. Remember to keep spare masks in a plastic bag or other contained location until they’re ready to use, so they don’t become contaminated.